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Burst pipes have the potential to cause extensive damage to property

How do I know if I have a burst pipe?

Edge Plumbing design can promptly detect and complete a burst pipe repair.  Burst pipes can cause a great deal of damage and expense, and can occur in a variety of situations and service types. Signs of a burst pipe may include

  • Hot patches in walls or floors
  • Mould and mildew on walls and floors adjacent to wet areas
  • Shower recess continually damp and moist
  • Water metre counter spinning even when all outlets are closed
  • Moist patches in garden outside
  • Damp ceilings
  • The smell of gas
  • The smell of sewerage


Burst Pipe Repair

Our fully equiped vehicles have all the right equipment to repair burst pipes immediately.  Our qualified tradesmen are able to repair;

  • Hot and cold water pipes in both copper and PEX (or polyethylene) pipe materials
  • Gas pipes in both copper and PEX materials
  • Sewerage pipes in both PVC and galvanised pipe materials
  • Reticulation and farm services

Additional Services

Being fully licensed contractors, we are also qualified to provide detailed reports and certifications.

Upon request we can provide a detailed job report for your insurance company,or assist you with lodging a Leak Allowance Report with the Water Corporation.

For emergency repairs contact us first

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