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Gas appliance installation, repairs, maintenance and services.

Gas Appliances Perth

Whether your gas appliance installation is for the first time, or you are simply upgrading your existing gas appliances, our gas fitters can safely handle the installation.  Our trained gas fitters are familiar with major brands such as Bosch, Rheem, Rinnai, Miele, Asko, Omega, Smeg,Webber, Electrolux and DeLonghi.

Gas Appliance Services

Our highly qualified gas appliance maintenance plumbers can both service and repair your existing natural gas or LP Gas appliances.

Appliance manufacturers recommend regular servicing usually every 12-24 months.  Only a licensed gas plumber can carry out servicing and repairs to gas appliances.  Regular gas appliance maintenance is important to ensure that gas burns cleanly and without release of any surplus gas . It is also a good practice to test appliances such as room heaters prior to the onset of winter. The start of winter is also often the time when hot water units will fail due to the increased demand.

Gas Appliance Installation

When purchasing new gas appliances consideration of efficiency and features are important factors.  Equal consideration at the installation stage is crucial to ensure that you achieve the best your appliance can offer in the home.  Incorrectly installed appliances may never operate correctly particularly when factors such as incorrect pipe sizing are present.

Our plumbers are fully qualified in all areas of plumbing and are able to install or modify gas pipework as required.  Our installers can determine the correct pipe size to deliver enough gas to your appliances.  This ensures trouble free and efficient delivery of gas to your appliance.

All work is tested upon completion to verify that it is sound and without leaks.  Once compliant we can connect pipework directly to your gas meter or regulator.

Gas appliances can save the average family money through lower running costs.  Residential renovations are an opportune time to changeover.

Gas Appliance Repair 

The Edge Plumbing Design gas plumbers can arrange gas appliance repair of ovens, hotplates, BBQs, hot water units, spas and regulators.

Our gas appliance services includes the repair of all gas appliances.  We can often undertake gas appliance repair economically, thus extending the life of these valuable home items.

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