Owner Builders

When supervising your own building project it is important to seek the services of experienced and reliable trades.  A good plumber will work together with  other trades during the building process.

Our plumbing team can work with your vision through to project completion and are able to troubleshoot solutions to building challenges along the way.  Our experience and solid work ethic will save the owner builder substantially in the long run.


We are happy to provide our owner builder clients with a quotation for the new building project.  Simply send your plans through and we will look at them.

More importantly, we will remain flexible to upgrade or change things throughout the job.  Our plumbers are experienced with one-off designs and understand that things may not be visualised to completion until the job is underway.

Rest assured that we will be working with you to achieve the finishing touches in your bathrooms.  Their trouble free operation is achieved by the quality workmanship invested in the behind the wall plumbing.

Building Types

We have found many owner builder clients are taking on more adventurous building systems than a project builder may be willing to work with.

Over the years we have worked on, double brick, steel framed, hay bail, sips panels and timber homes.  We are able to adjust our plumbing installation technique to work best with each type of construction.

Rainwater Harvesting

Many of our owner builder clients live in outer areas and are often harvesting their own rainwater due to the absence of scheme water.  We are able to offer water catchment solutions which include tanks, pumps, filters and meshing.  Good choices and installation will assist maximize the volume and cleanliness of the water caught.

Don’t risk the health of your family with a poorly set up water catchment system.  Edge Plumbing Design is able to install a well designed system that will last for years.



Many of our customers have remained with us since our beginnings in the 1980s. We attribute this to our honest service and our involvement in our local community.