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With Edge Plumbing Design, your laundry renovation can be a reality


In the modern home the laundry is taking on a more prominent importance.  It is now a multi purpose work area, not just for washing clothes.  These days the laundry is usually adjacent to the bathroom or kitchen.  Its style and finish has become an extension of these areas.

For this reason more stylish tapware or mixers are chosen to match the adjoining areas.

Laundry Renovations

The laundry plumbing is often overlooked when renovating a laundry, mainly because there is not a lot of it.  Edge Plumbing Design can assist modernise your laundry plumbing at the renovation stage.  It is modern practice to shift washing machine taps to an in cabinet location.  Tapware and spouts are also off the wall in preference to a single lever mixer.  Washing machine drainage is also hooked straight into the trough drain pipe.

Although not a lot of tapware and fixtures, there is still a lot to think about when updating.  Toilet replacement is often an area of confusion for many clients.  Edge Plumbing Design can assess and modify your plumbing early in the renovation stage.  This forward planning can enable the installation of todays hygienically styled and water efficient suites.

Laundry Appliances

Edge Plumbing Design can attend to your washing machine installation as well as tapware and sinks.  Our laundry plumber can install washers and hook them up to your drain pipes.  Gas dryers require flueing, in addition to the gas connection.  Some condenser dryers may also require connection to existing drainage.

Our laundry renovation plumbers are careful with your appliances and will connect them correctly for trouble free performance.

Many of our customers have remained with us since our beginnings in the 1980s. We attribute this to our honest service and our involvement in our local community.