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Gas Water Heater Installation

Gas hot water systems are becoming the system of choice in many Perth households.  The installation and unit costs are generally less than for solar systems and are generally less costly to run than a similar electric system.

Gas hot water heater installation

Our gas water heater installers can work with either Natural gas or LPG gas.  Gas hot water units can be Continuous flow (Instantaneous) which heat only the water required, as it is used.  Unlike electric units, gas systems can supply enough volume of water to service a large family home.  Our installers can assist in the selection of the right sized unit for your home.

Storage units, keep a volume of water heated and on standby for when required.  These units can delivery large amounts of water quickly up to the volume of the tank.

Gas hot water plumber

When planning for bathroom upgrades and home extensions, it is appropriate to review the hot water requirements of the new fixtures  and possible changes or upgrades that may be necessary to your existing hot water supply.  Our gas hot water plumber is knowledgeable in all types of hot water heaters and can recommend changes to suit your new requirements.

Gas water heater repair

Our gas hot water plumber services and repairs most types of gas hot water heaters.  A large range of spare parts are kept in stock to enable repairs to be completed as quickly as possible.

In addition to gas water heater repair, our gas plumbers can service and repair a range of gas appliances which you may have in your home.  The onset of winter is a time when hot water heaters can fail under the increased demand following summer.  Gas room heaters similarly may require servicing after accumulating dust over summer which may block jets and decrease their efficiency.  Our gas plumbers can service multiple gas appliances at the one time which can save you time and money.

Gas water heater installers

At Edge Plumbing Design, our gas hot water installation team are qualified to service, repair and install all types of natural and LPgas appliances.  Contact us today to arrange for your gas hot water heater installation or gas water heater repair.



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