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Drain laying Perth

Residential Drain Installation

At Edge Plumbing Design, our extensive experience in new construction and renovation enables us to seamlessly design the best drainage system to encourage trouble free water flow.

Neatness and experience is the key to achieving a high quality and complete job from start to finish. An inadequately graded drain line will lead to a lifetime of blockages and poor drain health. Our drainage plumbers work to the highest standard, and will promptly attend to drain laying Perth and surrounds.

Stormwater Drainage

Edge Plumbing design has many stormwater drainage solutions to reduce the erosion and inconvenience caused by unmanaged stormwater runoff.  Our drain installation team have a wealth of accumulated knowledge through years of stormwater drain laying, Perth and hills properties which have no mains water supply.  Our drain installation plumbers can assist with pump and tank selection, planning pipework and position through to final drain laying.

Rain harvesting options, can assist contain stormwater runoff.   It can also contribute to household water conservation strategies.  Filtered rainwater is suitable as drinking water.  Unfiltered rainwater can be used in the garden and other areas.

Soak Wells in conjunction with other stormwater drainage can assist with the gradual dispersion of water.  This strategy can greatly improve areas highly impacted by storm water run off.

Sewer Plumbing

When planning a new or replacement sewerage drain line there are many technical and health requirements to consider.  Edge Plumbing Designs sewer plumbing team have extensive knowledgeable of these requirements which will avoid future sewerage drainage blockage problems.

Edge Plumbing Design are qualified installers of sewer plumbing, we can locate your deep sewerage connection and process your dwellings application to access it.  Sewerage connection to septic tanks or ATU devices are also not a problem as our drain installation plumbers are qualified and trained to meet local council requirements.



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