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Stylish and modern kitchen renovation

Kitchen Plumbing 

Kitchens are the hub of the home.  Keeping all appliances and tapware in top condition is therefore important.

Edge Plumbing Design is able to attend to all your kitchen plumbing. In addition to kitchen renovation plumbing we also specialize in bathroom renovations and can offer complete project management if needed.

Kitchen Renovations 

Generally our kitchen renovation plumbers and gas fitters will attend your project twice.  Initially to disconnect your existing appliances and fixtures and modify any pipework inconsistent with the new appliance and fixture requirements.

Following completion of your new kitchen installation, our kitchen plumber will return to carefully reconnect pipework to your new  fixtures and appliances.

Edge Plumbing Designs’ kitchen plumber regularly installs dishwashers, gas hotplates, gas ovens, use and water dispensing fridges and BBQs.  We work with all major brands and achieve an optimum result every time.

Water Filters

Many customers feel that the quality or smell of todays scheme water is declining.  Incorporate into your kitchen plumbing a good water filter that can dramatically improve your water quality, making it more desirable for drinking.

Not all water filters deal with all problems that are possible with your water supply.  The main filtration requirements are to eliminate odour, taste and particles.  Our kitchen plumbers are able to consider your concerns and recommend a system specifically targeting that area.

Kitchen maintenance

The kitchen is arguably the most high use zone of the home.

Appliances and tapware which are maintained in top condition keep the kitchen a pleasurable work place.  Don’t put up with stiff and dripping sink taps when regular servicing can keep them gliding smoothly.  Kitchen renovations can be expensive but there is a lot of kitchen plumbing possible to upgrade or modernize on a smaller budget.

Kitchen sink plumbing such as old taps can easily be upgraded to give a modern and fresh look.  Our kitchen renovation plumbing team offer sound advice based on experience gained through decades of kitchen renovation work.




Many of our customers have remained with us since our beginnings in the 1980s. We attribute this to our honest service and our involvement in our local community.