Your shower may be leaking.  There are two possible causes for this.  Firstly it is possible that a water pipe may have burst within the wall.  More commonly the cause is a failure in the waterproof membrane behind the tiles to contain water within the shower recess.  Neither of these situations have a quick fix, because the source of the problem is in the wall and usually behind your tiles.  The good news is that Edge Plumbing Design are experts in bathroom construction.  Not only can we repair a broken pipe, we can also remove your tiles, dry your walls, install a robust membrane, retile the recess, and refit your tapware.  Our complete service will minimise the disruption to your household and prevent damage to surrounding carpets and plaster.

Toilet cisterns have several seals and valves that wear out over time.  It is rare that the cistern itself should need replacement.  Maintenance of the moving parts is usually all that is required.  Turn your water tap off between flushing until your plumber arrives.  Only a licensed plumber is authorised to work on toilet flushing mechanisms.  There are many different cisterns with differing internal mechanisms on the market, this can be confusing.  The good news is that as we deal with this situation almost daily, we carry a wide range of major brand parts in stock and can usually fix the problem on the spot.

You have the early symptoms of blocking drains.  You may also be noticing the presence of drain odour.  Servicing the drain at this point with our natural and environmentally responsible drain treatment is recommended.  This will treat the entire drain, not just the bathroom points in question.  This early intervention will breakdown congregating organic matter without the need for invasive equipment and inconvenience caused by the formation of a complete blockage.
Safety valves are an important component to your hot water installation.  These valves should generally be replaced every 5 years and the dripping may be a sign of the need for their replacement. On some hot water units the valves may also drip as a protective mechanism against excessive pressure build up.  Excessive pressure can both damage the unit and cause injury to the consumer if not prevented.  It is always recommended to have leaking valves checked and replaced as necessary.  Edge plumbing Design is qualified to identify and rectify problems of this nature.

This is a common problem that is commonly known as water hammer.  The problem can usually be resolved by checking your appliance installation.  Through years of experience our team can quickly identify the source of the water hammer and modify your plumbing configuration to fix it.  Don’t put up with annoying clanging when it can be fixed!


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