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Water leaks are both heartbreaking and destructive.  Water pipes can burst underground, in the ceiling and in the walls.  Work to rectify the damage caused is often more expensive than  the water pipe leak repair itself.

Our mobile plumbing team can quickly attend to any burst water pipe repair.

Hoses to appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers can weaken or split over time. Hoses supplying water to toilet cisterns and mixer taps also perish with age.  This type of leak can be very damaging as water, often at full pressure is released straight into the room.  We recommend inspection of hoses, as part of a general maintenance program.

Water pipe repair

Not all water leaks are visible.  You may only notice mildew on walls or carpet, warm patches under flooring or unusually moist soil in the garden.  Any indication of a water leak requires investigation to avoid serious damage occurring. Edge Plumbing Design are qualified to attend to your water pipe repair.  A water pipe leak repair can occur in a variety of piping materials such as copper, PVC and pex.  Our experienced plumbers are equiped for the water pipe repair of those popular pipe types.

Water pipe installation

The use of high quality materials, sound trade skills and attention to detail is the foundation for a long lasting job.  Edge Plumbing Design is not about cutting corners to save a few cents.  We use the best available materials in all our work and install them carefully.

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