Emergency plumbing; Emergency plumbing services; Emergency plumbing repair; Plumbing emergency; 24 hour emergency plumbingPlumbing emergency

There are a few types of plumbing faults that can result in an emergency call out.  This is due to possible damage to property or a health risk that can result.

Generally emergency plumbing services fall into two main types.

Water Leaks

Emergency situations often involve water escaping from burst pipes.  The first step to take is to turn off the water at the water main or nearest isolation valve.

Our plumbing team are fully equiped to control dangerous or emergency plumbing leaks.  The call out vehicles carry an extensive range of parts and fittings.  Most leakage situations can therefore be resolved on the spot.

With the appearance of a water leak, it can be timely to undertake a thorough check of your plumbing pipework.  Hoses and isolation valves to tapware and toilets can corrode and rust, leading to eventual failure and possible property damage.

Blocked Drains

Restricted drain flow symptoms can be present for some time before a drain blockage results.  In other circumstances the blockage may feel almost instant. Often this disaster strikes on weekends or when entertaining additional guests.

The Edge Plumbing Design team understands the inconvenience of these situations and carries equipment suitable to quickly clear sudden blockages.

24 Hour emergency plumbing

Our 24 hour emergency plumbing team will respond to plumbing emergency situations out of our standard business hours.

For emergency situations that are urgent but can be managed until the next business day complete the contact us link providing your call back details and the plumbing emergency details.  Our team commence scheduling emergency plumbing work at 5am and will work to urgently complete your emergency plumbing repair.

A surcharge does apply for all out of hours work.  For your convenience, our driver carries eftpos facilities.

Many of our customers have remained with us since our beginnings in the 1980s. We attribute this to our honest service and our involvement in our local community.