Water heater service; Water heater repair; Water heater installation; Water heater maintenance; Water heater replacementWater heater installation

Choosing a hot water heater is a major decision for most households.  Our team recommends that the initial cost be considered in conjunction with the life of the unit.

With so many hot water heaters on the market, this can be a very confusing task. Our highly experienced plumbers can make the decision a lot easier.

Our water heater installation team is aware of the most reliable systems on the market.   We can assess the household demands and recommend a fully installed system to achieve them.

Another crucial consideration is the hot water heaters running cost and efficiency. Different energy options to heat your water are available and are able to complement your existing services.

Upon choosing the best hot water heater we can arrange full installation and future service and repair.

Water Heater Replacement

The team at Edge Plumbing Design can arrange replacement of solar hot water heaters, gas hot water heaters and electric hot water heaters. In most situations a same day changeover service is provided.  This means that your family will not experience unnecessary interruption to the supply of hot water.

Solar hot water heaters are available with water tank positioning options on the roof or on the ground.  There are advantages to both of these options.

Gas and electric hot water systems can operate on either a storage or instantaneous operating system. There are many differences and advantages in each of these system types.

The Edge Plumbing Design team knows hot water heater replacement options and can make the selection and replacement a seamless process for you.

Water heater service

Our water heater service team can arrange for safety checks of valves and the water heater as part of the recommended water heater maintenance.

Safety valves can become worn and corroded.  Valves in particular are maintainable parts which protect the main water heater and provide safety to consumer.

The first start of winter is often the time when water heater maintenance is obvious.  A water heater repair may arise due to the extra load caused by temperature variance.

Contact our hot water heater repair team for fast service.


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