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Sewer Plumber Midland

Sewer Connection

Edge plumbing design offer a qualified sewer plumber to midland and surrounding areas and are able to connect to the Water Corporations sewer junction.   Our plumbing services include sewer repair, drain and sewer blockage.

Our team is able to access detailed mapping of sewer junctions in your area.  Knowledge of the sewer junction location provides our team with a focal point for the sewer line design.

It is wise to consider the location of your wet areas during the planning stage of a new home.  Prudence at this stage can save drainage installation costs during construction.

Sewer conversion

Deep sewer is available now in many older suburbs.  It can be a large job if your drainage needs to be shifted under driveways or patios.  The Edge Plumbing Design team can look at sewerage mapping and make sure that you are connecting to the best location available.  Once this is established the new drain can be planned. The new drain will be installed with the minimum of disruption.  With all the pipework in place, changeover to deep sewerage can be finalised within the day.

Septic Tanks

Many outer suburbs have no access to deep sewer.  Our team is equally competent connecting to a septic tank system.

Edge Plumbing Design is fully licensed to complete septic tank installation.   Our team can determine the final depth and positioning of your septic tanks and leach drains.  This is done giving full consideration to local government regulations and the drain plan for the dwelling.

Many of our customers have remained with us since our beginnings in the 1980s. We attribute this to our honest service and our involvement in our local community.