Gas Installation, Gas pipe line installation, Gas hot water installation, gas heater installation, gas cooking installation

Gas Installation

Gas Installation

The Edge Plumbing Designs team of gas fitters are fully trained in all areas of gas installation.  This is good news for our customers who are looking to install gas as a cheap and reliable energy option.


Gas Hot Water Installation

A gas hot water unit is an effective way to heat water.

Continuous units are the most popular.  They are very economical to run because they only heat the water you use.  They can also deliver enough hot water to supply a busy double bathroom home.

Gas hot water units are also available with a storage tank option.  This type of unit is also an efficient system for heating hot water in the family home.

The Edge Plumbing Design gas plumbers are experienced at gas hot water installation and servicing of all brands of hot water units.

Gas Cooking Installation

Power blackouts at meal time are inconvenient.  An increase in power demand at peak times is often the cause.  Gas is a reliable and inexpensive alternative.

The gas plumbing team at Edge Plumbing Design can attend to your gas cooking installation needs.  We install and commission all types of gas cooking appliances.

Our gas fitters install and connect gas pipe line necessary to make the change to gas cooking.  Kitchen renovation plans will usually include an upgrade requiring gas installation.

Gas Heater Installation

Gas room heaters are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles.  Our experienced gas heater installation team can advise the most efficient size for your area.

Edge Plumbing Design gas plumbers can install bayonet points to supply gas to portable gas heaters. Built in units are generally larger than portable units and will often require a flue and venting.

Our fully trained gas fitters are equiped to install a gas supply for either situation and can recommend gas supply pipe sizing for the best results for your heater.

Gas Pipe Line Installation

Customers who would like to install gas for the first time or relocate existing gas services will need new gas pipe line installation.  Our gas plumbers can attend to all requirements for a new installation and can get you connected to your gas supplier quickly.  Once the gas pipe line installation is complete, connection of your new appliances will be professionally completed.

Contact the Edge Plumbing Design team today to commence you gas pipe line installation.

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