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Residential Renovation

Residential renovations

Home renovation is both an exciting and exhausting venture.  Edge Plumbing Design can take the stress out of knowing what plumbing needs modification.  Drains may need shifting or modifying and the water supply may need adaption to meet modern requirements. We are experts in home renovations.

Edge Plumbing Design can plan, shift, alter and renew plumbing to your bathroom, kitchen and laundry and also to specific fixtures such as your toilet, vanity, washing machine and sinks.  It is possible to totally redesign your wet areas during your renovation to achieve a modern result.

Home Renovation

Many modern appliances and mixer taps are sensitive to high and fluctuating water pressures.  High water pressure can cause damage to precision parts essential to the products performance.  Manufacturers generally do not warranty products for damage caused by water pressure.  Edge plumbing design can readily measure and limit water pressure during your plumbing renovation.

The need for home renovation typically occurs in older homes.  It is a good time to review services such as your hot water heater.  Plumbing modifications can be included in planning for future replacement and upgrade to more energy efficient appliances.

Our team has extensive experience in the home renovation category and know what to expect of your plumbing depending on the building era of your home.  We have extensive experience in the selection and installation of fine Australian and European tapware and fixtures and are able to provide service to our clients requiring help in this area.

Bathroom Renovations

Edge plumbing design are experts in bathroom renovation and design.  Renovation to this area of the home has a dramatic effect on the impression provided of the entire home.  Quality of workmanship and fixtures and fittings are they key to a long lasting bathroom renovation.  Our residential plumbing team are fully registered and complete their work without cutting corners resulting in a high standard of work which will be evident in many years to come.




Many of our customers have remained with us since our beginnings in the 1980s. We attribute this to our honest service and our involvement in our local community.